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Masuko Hiroko" Bonsai Sapiens"

exhibition view

exhibition view

Bonsai sapiens "Rectangle pot with the edge growed thickly"
ink and Chinese ink on Watson-paper, mounted on panel
72.5 × 91.0 cm


→Gallery Artist

MASUKO Hiroko " Bonsai Sapiens "
January 8 (sat.) 〜 29 (sat.),  2011
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00 (17:00 on Last day)
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

About Exhibition

Hiroko Masuko, born in Miyagi prefecture in 1982, received M.A. from
Miyagi University of Education in 2008. Held a solo exhibition at Tokyo Wondersite Hongo in 2009. Won a prize at The 10th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists 2010. She is one of the most up-and-coming young artist in Japan.
 She creates overwhelming spectacles on the subject of Bonsai with pen.Bonsai moves our heart with its shape and transformation. Also her paintings, as she says " seeds of Bonsai ",  were achieved unexpected transformation into dynamic works like 《 Flying Bonsai 》or《 Bonsai Sword 》.
At " Bonsai Sword Legend ", her solo exhibition in 2009, " Bonsai " acquired " sapiens " and walked out on her. She created new images over " Bonsai Pot ", the void Bonsai left behind. In this exhibition, new 22 paintings with pen and 2 sculptures will be exhibited.

“One day, Bonsai got so-called " Intelligence " and walked out on me.
There was a vacant pot Bonsai left behind.
From then, I painted vacant bonsai again and again.
However, I wonder if I know genuine vacancy.
That is the reason why think vacant pots I painted is not vacant. "
(Hiroko Masuko)

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