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" New Artists 2011 − Aoi Sasai / Hikari Miyamoto "

Aoi Sasai " twin myrica "
oil on canvas
130.0 × 194.0 cm


Hikari Miyamoto
" From the image of Madonna and Child "
oil and acrylic on canvas
227.3 × 181.8 cm





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" New Artists 2011 − Aoi Sasai / Hikari Miyamoto "
July 23 (sat.) - August 21 (sun.),  2011
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (Summer holidays : August 7-16)

About Exhibition

We, Gallery Jin Projects organize an exhibition of two young artists.
Aoi says, " First, I think what I am looking when I see flowers and buildings along the way. And then, I set to my work ". The motifs of her works can recognize at a glance that their images are based on plants, rocky hill or houses. As she herself said, they are based on “the scenery I encountered in daily life” and they look like sceneries cut off from cloudy sky. However, because of their gray backgrounds or deformed branches, we may feel the images of abstract space from her forks than “the scenery of daily life”. Moreover, shallowness and light effect of her works create bizarre effect as if we are watching photo session of a single tree. 
As Hikari says "I wants to seize the residuum like a colander" , plaid patterns frequently appear in her works.  The scenery across the grid twists itself and changes its form into varying size. Across the grid, colors are dart in and out of our vision and they sometimes cross the grid and close on us.  The images in and out of the shadow of the grid are more swirls of “mixture of wheat and chaff” than left remainder after straining through the grid. Because her “colander” is also not symmetrical but baroque, we may feel sympathy in her works.

Their works are true rustic “paintings” and there are no self-asserting materials in them. They give their works potency by remaining the attitude to create “paintings” in their production process.

Aoi Sasai:Born in 1986, Kanagawa. M.A from Musashino Art University, 2011. Lives and Works in Kanagawa. 5 new paintings and recent works will be exhibited.

Hikari Miyamoto:Born in 1984, Kumamoto. M.A. from Tama Art University, 2011. Lives and Works in Kanagawa. 7 new paintings and recent works will be exhibited. 



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