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Kurumi Wakaki "Beneath the Wheel"





→Gallery Artist

December 10 (sat.) ,2011-January 21 (sat.),  2012
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Winter holidays : December 26 – January 10

About Exhibition

Kurumi Wakagi was born in Hokkaido prefecture, 1985. She graduated as a print major at Kyoto City University of Arts. She currently lives in Kyoto prefecture.

As a young artist, Wakagi has been paid attention for her unique way of expressing by watercolor print and installations. For the 12th Taro Okamoto Prize (2009) which she received, she was highly regarded as “ having a brightness and vibrancy which defeats the sense of despair we feel today in art and life, and therefore is just right for the name of Taro Okamoto whom had always challenged to cut his way through ‘Today's Art’”.
This is her 2nd solo exhibition at Gallery Jin Projects, and she is willing to show a new performance using her own body. In addition to her dull-witted (as she calls) wood block print, this exhibition has set forth some elements of an athlete in herself, who has completed many harsh marathons.

Comment from the artist:
Ever since I received the Taro Prize, I feel like I was able to take advantage of the Taro Okamoto boom and was given many wonderful opportunities as an artist. This year, I ran the 250km marathon and set a record for the youngest runner who completed the race. 2012, I'm planning to wipe away my image of leaning on Taro Okamoto, and live as the “Marathon Person”. My goal of 2013 is to “not rely on a title”.




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