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New Artists 2012 - Seeing the invisible thing / Visualization


Ayako ENDO







August 4 (sat.) 〜 September 1 (sat.),  2012
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00 (17:00 on Last day)
Closed on Mondays , Tuesdays and 8/12-23

About Exhibition

 We, Gallery Jin Projects, have introduced emerging young artists through group show every year. This time, we chose 7 noteworthy young artists and hold the exhibition entitled “New Artists 2012—Visualization—”.
 In today’s way of artistic expression, what “see the invisible thing” means and what is “visualization”?
 Each one tries to visualize invisible thing in order to ask today’s relevant meaning of art from each one’s point of view. Artists try to visualize the imaginary world. When they try to visualize imaginary world through the experience, they use smell sense, hearing sense, touch sense and significance.
Please enjoy fresh exhibition by young artists.

Seiji Amashige
Born in Yamaguchi in 1981. Now lives in Tokyo. Receive M.A. from Musashino Art University in 2012.

Ayako Endo
Born in Osaka in 1988. Now lives in Osaka. Receive B.F.A from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2012.

Yusuke Ogasawara
Born in Ishikawa in 1986. Now lives in Kawagawa. Receive B.F.A from Tama Art University in 2012.

Yu Kadota
Born in Kyoto in 1983. Now lives in Tokyo. Receive B.F.A from Tokyo National University of Arts in 2012.

Yuriko Sasaoka
Born in Osaka in 1988. Now lives in Osaka. Receive B.F.A from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2012.

Akiko Nakayama
Born in Saitama in 1988. Now lives in Kanagawa. Receive B.F.A from Tokyo Zokei University.

Ayano Hotta
Born in Tokyo in 1988. Now lives in Tokyo. Receive B.F.A from Tokyo National University of Arts.

(Artist comment)
<Seiji Amasige>
100 years have passed since video has invented. Technological development brings us new feeling, however, that does not means we can find something truth. We can not see anything unless we see through something. That also means there is no naked truth.

<Ayako Endo>
I draw an invisible atmosphere, consciousness and sign. Sometimes, small bean-shaped creature appears.

<Yusuke Ogasawara>
No one can create something he has never seen because we are impossible to create anything unless we do not go through the experience of learning. This is the reason why I draw dessin.
There is no originality. Originality should not exist. I regard “Originality” as an act that denies experiences of our predecessors. Only individuality can exist.

<Yu Kadota>
When I create my works, I always try to visualize invisible thing and make visible things invisible. I wish imagination, which emerge when the viewer see animation films, would be the new experience.

<Yuriko Sasaoka>
One my animation films, “Hormons”, is an idle trio consists of Rikishi, Mamocchan and Jijii. 36CH is Music Station-like program.

<Akiko Nakayama>
Everything is changeable and moveable at all time. “Figure of life” is a figure of attractive force which emerged from transition of something from nothing or nothing from something. It goes up in a spiral manner and its figure twists unsteadily because of some external manners like will and desire. When distortion power reaches the peak, there is a momentary relief, it gets some rest and peace and it changes into life. I leave colors to momentary drops and spire and then get a glimpse of life within them.

<Ayano Hotta>
When I create my works, I changed my experience and impression into forms and colors.






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