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Masayoshi Koyama Exhibition

exhibition view


A souvenir of racoon dog
oil on canvas
116.7×80.3 cm

Shoiko 6
mixed media
30.0×32.5×95.0 cm

New Dogo music
mixed media
9.1 ×27.0×20.5 cm

Shibu-onsen Yumoto-Ryokan tokonoma
mixed media
each 5.1×12.3×20.0 cm

→Gallery Artist

Masayoshi Koyama Exhibition
September 12 (wed.) − October 7 (sun.),  2012
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

About Exhibition

Masayoshi Koyama was born in Aichi prefecture in 1981. He completed the graduate program of Tokyo University of Arts in oil painting degree. Now he lives in Tokyo.
 As a travel artist, he began to travel across the country since his college days. He creates his works as souvenirs from the scenery and emotion that he met on his travel. Moreover, he fills these “souvenirs” with wooden rack on his back and hawks them. In 2011, he presented melancholic installation which consists of his “souvenirs”,  “In the Wilderness –Phantom peddler-” and this installation won a grand prize at Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2011. Now he is an up and coming artist.
 Wherever he goes, he pays attention to things and sceneries that die slow and alone, listens to silent voice and creates his works. This exhibition is his first solo exhibition at commercial gallery. At this exhibition, 50 souvenirs like figurines and 7 oil paintings will be exhibited. Also the film of the record of his peddling will be shown.

Artist Comments:
“I want to record the forgotten things that lost their own functions and drift in different dimension of the same age.”(Masayoshi Koyama)


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