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New Artists 2014


Toshiki Ando


Asato Kato

Asako Setoh

Yuzuru Terui

Miho Negishi

Naoya Hirata


→Gallery Artist

New Artists 2014
July 26 (sat.) - August 9(sat.),  2014
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Opening Reception : July 26 (sat.) 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

About Exhibition

Annually, Gallery Jin Projects organize a group show , “New Artists”, to pick up some up-and-coming young artists. In the exhibition, 6 new artists represent artworks of lots of different types of genres like painting, sculpture and movie. Please enjoy the gallery space filled with fresh and unique personalities.

Toshiki Ando/ digital print: In 2014, received B.F.A. from Faculty of  Education, Miyagi University of Education,

Asato Kato/ sculpture (dry lacquer):In 2014, received B.F.A. from Department of  Crafts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Asako Setoh/ drawing:In 2001, received B.F.A. from Departments of Crafts, Kyoto City University of Arts(Cooperator: Masaharu Makuuchi)

Yuzuru Terui/ visual modeling:In 2014, received B.F.A. from Department of Fine Arts, Tohoku University of Art and Design (Cooperator: Masaharu Makuuchi)

Miho Negishi/ oil painting:In 2014 , received M.F.A from Department of Painting, Tama Art University

Naoya Hirata / movie:In 2014, received M.F.A from Department of Sculpture, Musashino Art University


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