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Yuriko Sasaoka “Take the hand of Atman”

video installation

installation view


→Gallery Artist



May 22 (fri.) 〜 June 7 (sun.),  2015
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
On this Wednesday June 3rd,the gallery is opened until 9 PM due to the event, “ [International Art Night at 3331 Arts Chiyoda]
On this Thursday, June 4th, the gallery is opened until 9 PM due to the event, “Enjoy Arts on Weekday Night [First Thursdays at 3331]”

About Exhibition

Yuriko Sasaoka was born in Osaka prefecture in 1988. She took the degree of M.F.A in oil painting in 2014 and is in doctoral course in media art at Kyoto City University of Arts. She now lives in Osaka.
Sasaoka has published short movies with using puppets, which seems to swim against the stream of digital technology by intention and to intend to revive “the sense of touch” sunk into images. In this exhibition, she will present new video installation “Atem” in which she has expressed her aging and anxiety.

<Artist comment>
In my childhood, I wanted to hurry up and become an adult. But as I got older, I was given roles and acted as stereotyped someone. I had wished I could reset my life again and again like TV games.
If I were the god, I would make a bath to reset our lives. Taking the bath, any child could go back to pure babies.
Even being incredibly spiteful, even being always studying every day, even feeling strange or something wrong with their own sexuality or even their feelings being hurt, any child could start again their lives from babyhood.


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