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Duet series vol.3 Rina Temmyo & Sonoko Nukaga

Rina Temmyo
Fall into a doze
42.0 ×22.0×50.0 cm


Sonoko Nukaga
20.0×45.0×35.0 cm



→Gallery Artist
Sonoko Nukaga
Rina Temmyo

June 18 (thu.) 〜 July 4 (sat.),  2015
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
On this Thursday, July 2d, the gallery is opened until 9 PM due to the event, “Enjoy Arts on Weekday Night [First Thursdays at 3331]”

About Exhibition

"Duet series"Vol.3, a series of joint exhibition of two artists into one space, would present affinity: Rina Temmyo, a dry-lacquer artist and Sonoko Nukaga working with terracotta/ceramic. The exhibition is a package focusing on their similarities, the figural motif and the use of molds, despite different material and techniques. We hope you enjoy contrasting two air from their works.
Cooperator: Masaharu Makuuchi , Gallery Tsubaki

<Artist comment>
I have created works to accomplish expression of “something on the boundary line” and“something beautiful, calm and dignified existing in the place slightly out of standard” with using dry-lacquer which is traditional technique making Buddhist statue in Nara period. (Rina Temmyo)

I have no idea what certainly exists there. I am wondering how viewer would reconcile themselves to the uncomfortable situation when facing sculptures which have clear-cut presence but are deprived of surface asperity supposed to exist and when facing lack of the focus and the meaning supposed to exist; this situation seems same as we feel fear against the black box of person facing. I have created works to aim for stereoscopic expression of entrance leading to re-consideration of visual sense and thought. (Sonoko Nukaga)




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