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the art fair +plus-ultra 2016


Hitomi Aoki

Shoji Miyamoto

Hiroko Joshin





the art fair +plus-ultra 2016
Place:Spiral Garden (Spiral1F) +plus category
Term1 : December 17(Sat.) - 20(Tue.), 2016 11:00-20:00
※ Reception : December 17(Sat.) 19:00-21:00

About Exhibition

We will participate in the art fair +plus-ultra 2016.

Booth No. : E

Artists :
mariane, Hitomi Aoki, Shoji MIyamoto, Hiroko Joshin

The title of this year’s exhibition is “Omotenashi”meaning hospitality. Just like last year, we are looking forward to customers from both inside and outside of Japan. At this very end of the year, we want to have a good Omotenashi to all of the visitors by providing unique Japanese art.
Our booth in PLUS contains two walls, shaping the area as if like a Japanese fan. mariane and Hitomi Aoki’s works are displayed on one of the walls. Their works are all sold-out at art on paper NY in this April. Both of them use tiny dots to create a drawing. In a sense, they represent a part of Japanese detailed painting.
On the other side of it, there are the works of Shoji Miyamoto and Hiroko Joshin. Miyamoto’s humorous watercolor printing gained high reputation and popularity at the London Original Print Fair 2016. This time, Miyamoto collaborated with Joshin, an artist who creates cute but refined cloisonné-ware. We are mainly focused on works with Sushi motif. 
We hope to show our Omotenashi through the artwork on both of the walls.

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