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Dots and Lines


Yukari Bunya

Hiroko Masuko

Hitomi Aoki


March 2 (thr.) 〜 March 20(mon.),  2017
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Except 20th.)
Artists : mariane, Yukari Bunya, Hiroko Masuko, Hitomi Aoki

About Exhibition

  A way of expression using dots and lines has been regarded as one of unique characteristics of Japanese artworks for a long time, seen in such as folding screens or hand scrolls. It is also often mentioned that the expressive style is the roots of contemporary Manga or Anime. We focus anew on ‘dots’ and ‘lines’ expressions and present in this exhibition the works of four young artists who have taken these approaches actively.
  Yukari Bunya, who majored in music composition at university, have created images with her improvisational, rhythmical lines. Her picture plane seemed to have transferred our existing time and space. The lines that was generated from her hands seems to release electric beam.
  In the motifs of mariane’s work, there are lively breaths of some deep sea creature moving slowly, stretching its tentacle. The sensual and mysterious colored forms attract our attention by moving dubiously.
  The viewer’s eyes are trapped in a maze which is like a world of thick black line and dots. It is Hitomi Aoki’s work that tells us a story of living things that generates and annihilates infinitely. Aoki’s form that covers all over the plane whispers into our sense.
  Masuko Hiroko’s works have its uniqueness in her small bonsai (Japanese gardening style) image expressed in monochrome.  Masuko overlaps her image making process with the Bonsai, which aims to create new forms by interrupting human hands into the forms of nature.
 We are honored to hold this exhibition demonstrating the artists who have cultivated and established each unique worldview through ‘dots’ and ‘lines’ expressions.




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