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New Print Artists -Tusbasa Kobayashi/Kana Hasegawa -

Sayou 02
watercolor, modeling paste , monotype
116.7×80.3 cm


Tied butterfly
Waterbased woodcut on Japanese Paper
71.0×57.0 cm ed.3




July 2 (sat.) ー 23 (sat.), 2011
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays , Tuesdays and July 17(sun)

About Exhibition

We, Gallery Jin Esprit+, have organized several exhibitions of young printmakers entitled “New Print Artists”. In this exhibition, we introduce Tsubasa Kobayashi and Kana Hasegawa as notable artists.
    Normally, print artist prints images in print plates with papers or some other medium. However, Tsubasa Kobayashi tries to print action and phenomenon in the process of impressing.
   In production process of hers, there is no print plate that is normally used as a base of printing. Instead of the image on print plates, strokes and friction of ink as a trail of action are visualized in her works.
  Her series of works without print plates make unique picture planes that are difficult to label as printing or painting.

   On the other hand, Kana Hasegawa observed nude women models with coldly objective eyes as motifs and produced wood-block prints.
   Behaviors of nude women, which look like inane or melancholic, make strong contrasts to vivid coloring. Their poses give the appearance that they are performing in the works, and they seem to strengthen cynical feelings of themselves.
 In this exhibition, their highly-motivated works created by young sensibility will be exhibited.

 Tsubasa Kobayashi:Born in 1982, Gifu。Studying in Tokyo University of the Arts. Lives and Works in Tokyo. In this exhibition, 13 new works and  some recent works are exhibited.

 Kana Hasegawa:Born in 1986, Hyogo. Studying in Kyoto University of Art and Design. Lives and Works in Kyoto. In this exhibition, 4 new works and some recent works are exhibited.

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