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Shoko FUJIMORI " Recipe of Desire "

Exhibition view


Exhibition view


Paradise or Labyrinth
panel, Japanese paper, gesso, oil,
150.0×300.0 cm


To get you and tomorrow
lithograph ed.10
38.1×51.4 cm


Recipe of Desire
pencil on paper, mounted on panel
31.9×41.2 cm

Gallery Artist

January 28 (sat.) ー February 25 (sat.), 2012
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

About Exhibition

 Galley Jin Esprit + is pleased to announce a solo show by Shoko Fujimori, an artist who is still young but already establishing her own worldview through her superb talent for precise representation.  In this show, we present her paintings that appear to emit body temperature and humidity with an atmosphere of density.
Fujimori said, " I would like to depict figures that reflect their experience and emotion on their body." She has been depicting the absurdity and frustrations of life by painting images of transformed bodies.  A carefully prepared smooth foundation with Japanese paper and meticulously applied gesso enables her to create complicated color tones and precise depiction.
Fujimori's concept is most obvious on the bodies of the human figures that she depicts.  She eliminates gender differences or unique characters of the figures as much as possible, and skillfully depicts prominent blood vessels and slight difference of skin colors to eloquently express that these figures are not idealized bodies but are real flesh and blood.
Our consciousness swings back from the impeccable " perfect " body image of the media to our own imperfect and unique bodies when we confront the bodies that she depicts.  Fujimori's figures seem to convey an ambivalent feeling of love and hate toward human beings, including the artist herself.

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