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Megumi Mizutani Woodcut works

Way home
water- based woodcut on Japanese paper
40.0×56.0 cm





Gallery Artist

April 28 (sat.) ー May 20 (sun.), 2012
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

About Exhibition

 Megumi Mizutani was born in Chiba prefecture, 1973. In 2000, she received a master’s degree in printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts. She currently lives in Nagano prefecture.
This is her 3rd solo show at Gallery Jin, and we are planning to have about 10 new art works, mainly focused on woodblock prints.

" Prints are indirect. They are affected by the wood and Japanese paper, and at the same time saved by these materials. It is given a chance to change and morph into something that couldn’t have been imagined in the beginning. This is similar to life. Every now and then we confront difficulties, but constantly gaining help from other people and nature, we live."
(Megumi Mizutani)

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