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"The kingdom of Prints" - Merry Christmas & Happy new year –

Shiho Saito

Yuriko Takimoto

Kana Nemoto

Tamana Araki

Lim Jihye

Natsuko katahira

Junko Hayakawa

Ai Hori

Mamiko Munamidate

Shoji Miyamoto

Ai Miyoshi

Kyoko Murakami


December 7 (sat.)2013 〜 January 19(sun.)2014
Opening hours : 12:00 - 19:00

Closed on Mondays ,Tuesdays and the New Year's holidays (Dec.23-Jan.9)
Opened on December 23(mon.)


About Exhibition

 The year-end and new year group show is started.
Many people are attracted by print because of its attractive uniqueness and familiarity .
It shows no sign of slowing down. Day-by-day, print artists keep on developing their way of expression.
In this exhibition, "The Kingdom of Prints", 24 new works by 12 artists including newcomers will be exhibited.
Please enjoy  colorful printing world expressed by woodcut print, copperplate print and silkscreen print.

Tamana Araki, Lim Jihye, Natsuko Katahira, Shiho Saito, Yuriko Takimoto, Kana Nemoto, Junko Hayakawa, Ai hori, Mamiko Minamidate, Shoji Miyamoto, Ai Miyoshi, Kyoko Murakami

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