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The Kingdom of Prints ー MOKUHAN Villageー

Yuriko Takimoto

Kurumi Wakaki

Megimi Mizutani

Natsuko Katahira

Shoji Miyamoto

Junko Hayakawa


INTERNATIONAL MOKUHANGA CONFERRENCE 2014 : 3331 Satelite Exhibitions Joint Project

September 10 (wed.) ー 14 (sun.), 2014
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
Open Everyday

About Exhibition

 Woodcut prints have long history and tradition, and have been popular among many Japanese. In this exhibition, titled as “The Kingdom of Prints  −MOKUHAN Village −”, we will introduce 6 artists who cultivate new style of expression. We hope that visitors could enjoy their dynamic and varied expression.

Yuriko Takimoto, Kurumi Wakaki, Megumi Mizutani, Natsuko Katahira, Shoji Miyamoto,
Junko Hayakawa

Yuriko Takimoto
Takimoto creates her elaborate and unique prints by layering an average of 7 blocks in each print. Known for her fantastical imageries like those of a fairy tale, she is one of Japan’s most up and coming print artists.

Kurumi Wakaki
Wakaki has been paid attention for her unique way of expressing by watercolor print and installations. In 2009, She received the 12th Taro Okamoto Prize. She is always exploring her unconventional style.

Megumi Mizutani
Mizutani has presented many poetic works in the past. Reflecting on her creative process, she says, “Every detail of the materials I use, which are wood and Japanese paper, offer the opportunity to alter ideas and inspire me. It eventually leads me to a higher stage of creativity and produce something that exceeds my expectation.”

Natsuko Katahira
Katahira has a consistent theme in her works - the average, everyday life. The depicted scene is full of delicate lyricism, and it transforms everyday affairs into a very precious moment.

Shoji Miyamoto
In his distinctive prints, Miyamoto has often used sushi or fruits as a motif. His layering of prints creates a glassy sense of depth, and the humorous style has pleased many eyes of the audiences. Recently, his field of work has broadened to creating credit titles for animation series, and his limit of creativity is by far to be seen. 

Junko Hayakawa
Hayakawa’s prints are humorous and striking, and her distinctive style has led to worldwide approval. She is also known for her children’s books.



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