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New Print Artits 2015

Exhibition view

Megumi Shikencho

Kana Nemoto

Yuri Nozaki

Kanami Hano

Airi Mizuno

Yenjen Lee



July 16 (thu.) ー August 1 (sat.), 2015
Hours : 12:00 - 19:00
OClosed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

About Exhibition

 Gallery Jin Esprit+ has held a series of group exhibition ”New Print Artist”by notable young print artists. We are pleased to introduce promising 6 artists this time.
We hope you enjoy their fresh expression.

Artists :
Megumi Shikencho, Kana Nemoto, Yuri Nozaki, Kanami Hano, Airi Mizuno, Yenjen Lee

Megumi Shikencho :
1989 Born in Toyama, Japan
2013 B.A. Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Arts
2015 M.A. Kyoto Seika University, Graduate School of Arts
Lives in Kyoto
2015  what I’ve chosen | what I chose vol.3, SEIAN University ,Shiga Japan
2014 Megumi Shikencho solo exhibition, Gallery Haneusagi , Kyoto Japan
    39th National University Prints, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo JPN

For fear that someone’s denial and rejection destroys their own world, children who are immature turn into narcissism, being dragged into an autistic world, protecting themselves only by hiding their emotions. I represented children who are smiling but at the same time having such obscureness in their emotions.

Kana Nemoto :
1984  Born in Saitama,Japan
2011 B.A. Musashino Art University, Faculty of Figurative Arts
2013 M.A. Musashino Art University, Faculty of Figurative Arts
Lives in Saitama
2012  lyric Yuriko Hayashi, Kana Nemoto group exhibition, Sukiwa Gallery, Shiga/Tokyo Japan
2013  Kingdom of Woodprints, Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
2012 37th Nation-wide University Print Exhibition Collection Prize for Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

I liked reading books and looking at some illustrated books about animals and plants since early childhood. Collecting insects to mount them or going fishing are also my favorite things to do. There was an opportunity that made me recall such old memories so clearly, and this made me start working on this present execution.

Yuri Nozaki :
1990 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2014 B.A. Tama Art University
lives in Tokyo, enrolled at 2nd grade M.A. Tama Art University
<Past Exhibitions>
2014  Hituji ga ippai (Many Sheep),Itochu Aoyama Art Square, Tokyo, Japan
2014  39th Nation-wide University Print Exhibition Collection Prize for Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

Human body. The curves, the flexibleness and the tenderness of women body create such unique volume of flesh and the ‘forms’…I represent these things as voluptuous and emotional. I create works of art that abruptly arouse eroticism out of freshness and cleanliness.

Kanami Hano :
1991 Born in Hokkaido, Japan
2015 B.A. Musashino Art University
lives in Tokyo, Japan
<Past Exhibitions>
2015 Winner of Nation-wide University Prints Exhibition, Bunboudo Gallery,Tokyo
2015 40th Nation-wide University Print Exhibition Collection Prize for Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

‘Negation’ and ‘affirmation’ are two sides of the same coin. Mind and will exists together back to back, in order to become one complete emotion. I would like to debunk such incompatible minds while repeating the process of ‘negation’ and ’affirmation’.

Airi Mizuno:
1991 Born in Chiba, Japan
2014 B.A Joshibi University of Art and Design
lives in Chiba, enrolled at 2nd Grade M.A Joshibi University of Art and Design
<Past Exhibitions>
2014 Hanae Nakamura, Airi Mizuno group exhibitions/IN THE WATER Shimokita Art Space, Tokyo,Japan
2014 won a prize at Shanghai joshibi Art Gallery Award advanced studies project of art

When I create works of art, I hope to express events that happen around me, and the negative feelings that result from such events. The reason why I focus on such themes is that I want to express through my works of art, an impatient feeling when I cannot tell someone what I actually want to say. I want to execute works of art that gives sympathy to other people, by expressing each and every emotion that are likely to be lost sight of, in an ordinary daily life.

Yenjen Lee:
1989 Born in Taipei , Taiwan
Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, MFA
2013-2014 Exchange student, Tokyo University of Arts 
Lives in Taipei

In my works of art, landscapes are cutout geometry. The images of these cutout landscapes are born from my daily life and experience of travel.  On a journey, getting on a vehicle, I often spaced out and relentlessly my memories of the past were visualized. At the same time, I weaved the scenes that pass quickly outside the window, an imperfect landscape, and each pieces of memory in my head. The geometric flames of the picture, in concord with “the pieces” inside the flame. That pieces are: islands, incomplete landscapes, flooding memories and the extraordinary in ordinary life, which represented fantastic scenery in my mind as expressed by multicolored copperplate prints of landscape.



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