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E/AB Fair'16(Editions/Artists'Book Fair 2016)

Exhibition View



November 3 (thu.) ー 6 (sun.), 2016
We paticipated this Art Fair.http://eabfair.org/

Exhibited Artist's : Shoji Miyamoto,Tamana Araki,Megumi Mizutani,Ai Miyoshi

About Exhibition

The Place: The Tunnel
269 11th Avenue (between 27th & 28th Streets) New York, NY 10011

Fair Hours
Thursday, November 3rd  5pm – 9pm  Press, VIP
Friday, November 4th    10am – 11am  Insider’s Brunch
              11am – 7pm  Open to the Public
Saturday, November 5th   11am – 7pm  Open to the Public
Sunday, November 6th     11am – 5pm Open to the Public

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