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播磨 みどり/HARIMA Midori

略歴 Education
1976年 神奈川県横浜市に生まれる
2000年 女子美術大学芸術学部洋画科版画コース卒業
2001年 サンフランシスコへ移住
個展 Solo Exhibitions
2000年 “Untitled”/銀座ギャラリーフォレスト(東京)
2001年 “清潔な去勢”/300日画廊(東京)
2002年 “Beginningless story”/JPMorgan Chase lobby(U.S.A./San Francisco)   
2004年 “Transparent Story”/Kala Art Institute(U.S.A./Berkeley,CA)
“婚約”/Gallery Jin(東京)
2005年 "Circumstantial Message" /San Francisco Arts Commission View 155
(U.S.A./San Francisco)
“縫合" /Gallery Jin(東京)
2006年 "Breath"/ Vannia Holasek Gallery(U.S.A./New York)
"Midori Harima Drawing work 2000 - 2006/ Gallery≠Gallery, (東京)
  “フリーフォール”/Gallery Jin(東京)
2007年 “ Midori Harima ”/ Kevin Bruk Gallery , (U.S.A/Miami, FL)
2008年 “外傷−内傷”/Gallery Jin Projects(東京)
“America”/Gallery Jin Annex (GALLERY KINGYO)(東京)
“NEGATIVESCAPE”/Honey Space(U.S.A./New York)
2010年 “Written-Lighten”/ EXHIBITION SPACE(東京)
“光源”/ Gallery Jin Projects(東京)
グループ展 Group Exhibitions
2000年 “寿限無-FAKE-“/SCAI THE BATHHOUSE(東京)
2001年 “300日画廊記録展”/300日画廊(東京)

“The Bay Area Award Show 2002” -Beginningless story- /New London Arts(San Francisco)

  “Bay Area Now 3” -this state-/Yerba Buena Center for the Arts(San Francisco)
2003年 “Jin Winter Session”/Gallery Jin(東京)
"Revealing Influences"/Museum of Craft & Folk Art/San Francisco)
“ The Road Not Taken ”/FLYNNDOG(U.S.A/Vermont)
2005年 “ Small works 2005 ”/ Gallery Jin(東京)
"Paper Pushers" University of California,Davis / Richard L.Nelson Gallery(U.S.A/CA)
"fearless" / Gallery Jin(東京)
2006年 "Who is the girl? " /Vanina Holasek,Gallery,(U.S.A/New York)
"Summer group show/ " Vannina Holasek Gallery (U.S.A/New York)
"The Edge of Reason"/The Wild Space Brooklyn (U.S.A/New York)
“ 開館10周年記念 VISIONS? The Child −内なるこども− ”/ 豊田市美術館(愛知)
  "The White Album "/ Kala Art Institute (U.S.A / Berkeley , CA)
2007年 “ Daydream nation: the suspiria version ”/time-based art festival (U.S.A/Portland, OR)
“ Five artist from New York ”/ Egon Schiele Arts Centrum (チェコ共和国/Cesky Krumlov)
“ New Year Group Show ”/ Gallery Jin Projects(東京)
  “Black Milk”/ Vanina Holasek,Gallery, Scope Basel(バーゼル, スイス)
2008年 “ 開館10周年記念展 -Part 2- ”/ Gallery Jin Projects(東京)
  “Object Salon”/Honey Space(U.S.A/New York)
  “TALENT PReVIEW '09“/ White Box(U.S.A/New York)
   “Her Land“/Para Glove Gallery(東京)
2009年 “re: con-figure“/ Kala Arts Institute (U.S.A / Berkeley , CA)
  “Evolution of Print: Artists of Kala“/Oakland Museum at the Oakland International Airport(U.S.A / Berkeley , CA)
  “Open“/ Deitch Studio, ロングアイランドシティー, ニューヨーク
  “THE DROP 2012+“/521 West 25th St, ニューヨーク
2010年 “On The Planet“/名古屋市民ギャリー矢田, 名古屋
2004年 Kala Art Institute (U.S.A / Berkeley , CA)
2006年 18th street Art Center (U.S.A / Santa Monica , CA)
  ”Emergency Arts” スタジオメンバー, ニューヨーク
2007年 Egon Schiele Art Centrum, チェスキークルムロフ, チェコ共和国
2009年 Art Omi International Artists Residency, ゲント, ニューヨーク
パブリックコレクション Public Collection
Memorial Health University Medical Center/William and Iffath Hoskins Center for Biomedical Research, ジョージア州, セバナ
賞歴・その他 Others
2000年ー2008年 Fuji-Xerox“ Art By Xerox ”メンバー
2002年 “ The Bay Area Award Show 2002 ” New Langton Arts (U.S.A/San Francisco)
2004年 " Visions from New California" , James Irvine Foundation
"Kala Board Prize 2004" , Kala Art Institute (U.S.A / Berkeley , CA)


1976 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2000 Woman's University Of Fine Art, Kanagawa, Japan /Bachelor of Arts oil painting, printmaking
2001 Relocated to San Francisco, United States/Currently lives in New York, United States
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 "Wound:internal/external", Gallery Jin Projects, Tokyo, Japan
  "America", Gallery Jin Annex (Gallery Kingyo), Tokyo, Japan
2007  "Midori Harima", Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, FL
2006 "Free fall", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan   
  "Breath", Vannina Holasek Gallery, NY, NY
"Midori Harima Drawing work 2000 - 2006", Gallery≠Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2005 "Suture", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
"Circumstantial Message", San Francisco Art Commission View 155, San Francisco
2004 "Engagement", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
"Transparent Story", Kala Arts Institute, Berkeley, California
2002 "Beginningless story", JPMorgan Chase lobby,San Francisco, CA Curator: Arnold.J.Kemp
2001 "Clean Castration", 300 days gallery, Tokyo, Japan Curator: Youichi Sato
  "Untitled", T.L.A.P, Tokyo, Japan Curator: Youichi Sato


"Untitled", Ginza Gallery Forest, Tokyo, Japan
Selected group Exhibitions
2008 "10th anniversary -Part 2-", Gallery Jin Projects, Tokyo, Japan
2007 "Winter group show", Gallery Jin Projects, Tokyo, Japan

"Five artist from New York", Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

  "Daydream nation: the suspiria version", time-based art festival, Portland, OR Curator: Arnold.J.Kemp
2006 "The white album", Kala Arts Institute, Berkeley, California
"Inner child", Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan
"The Edge of Reason" The Wild Space Brooklyn, NY  Curator:Tom Beale
  "Summer group show" Vannina Holasek Gallery, NY, NY
"Who' s the girl?" , Vanina Holasek,Gallery, NY, NY
2005 "Paper Pushers", Richard L. Nelson Gallery, University of California, Davis
  "Fearless", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
"Small works 2005", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
2003 "The Road Not Taken", FLYNNDOG,Vermont Curator: Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert
"Revealing Influences", Museum of Craft & Folk Art,San Francisco Curator: Renny Pritikin
"Winter Session 2003", Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan
2002 "The Bay Area Award Show 2002" -Beginningless story- ,New Langton Art, San Francisco
"Bay Area Now 3" -this state- , Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
2001 "Retrospestive exhibition", 300days gallery,Tokyo, Japan
2000 "Jugemu-FAKE-", Sponsored by Art By Xerox/SCAI THE BATHHOUSE ,Tokyo, Japan
Public Collection
William and Iffath Hoskins Center for Biomedical Research ,Savannah,GA/
Memorial Health University Medical Center
2004 "Visions from New California", James Irvine Foundation
  "INSITE" nominee, SF MOMA, San Francisco
  "Kala Board Prize 2004", Kala Arts Institute, Berkeley, CA Selected by Yozo Nakano
2002 "The Bay Area Award Show 2002", New Langton Arts, San Francisco
2000-present Fuji-Xerox, "Art By Xerox" sponsored member, Tokyo, Japan

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